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The National Association of Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies is composed of Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies with offices throughout the country. These agencies provide the following services for Employee Assistance Program referrals:

  • Debt Counseling for employees, their dependents and family members
  • Budget Preparation based on the individualís current financial position and income
  • Credit Negotiation to develop agreements between the debtor and creditors based on the budget developed for that debtor
  • Monitoring of the debtorís ability to meet the agreements

If a client enters into a repayment agreement negotiated by Consumer Credit Counseling, he or she will be expected to write one or two monthly checks to the agency. Those funds will be used by the agency to repay creditors. Most creditors will accept these agreements and will suspend or reduce interest added to the credit balance as long as they receive monthly payments. There is a small administrative fee charged to the client each month for this service.

All of the above services may be accessed by calling Human Behavior Associates, Inc. at 1-800-937-7770. All contact with HBA and its service providers is strictly confidential.


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