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What to do if you’ve been referred to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

If you’re an employee that has been referred to an SAP, please follow the following procedure:

  • Call Human Behavior Associates (HBA) at 1-800-937-7770, to discuss your referral. HBA will request demographic information and information related to your referral. HBA will then refer you to an SAP in your area.
  • Call the SAP and make an appointment for an evaluation. The SAP may request additional information from you regarding your referral.
  • Attend your appointment with the SAP. The SAP will refer you to appropriate educational, treatment, and self-help resources.
  • Complete the assigned treatment and/or educational program.
  • Once you have completed the assigned treatment program, make a follow-up appointment with the SAP.
  • Attend the follow-up appointment with the SAP. Present certificates of completion from assisted treatment or educational program and proof of attendance at self help meetings.
  • The SAP will either write a letter to your employer advising them of your completion or, if the SAP believes you need additional treatment or education, the SAP will refer you for such.
  • On receipt of a letter of completion from the SAP, your employer can arrange for a return to work drug or alcohol test.
  • If your return to work test is negative, you can be considered by your employer for a return to your regular duties.


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