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Assessment counseling is available face-to-face in or near the employee's residence or workplace. The HBA counseling panel consists of several thousand licensed counselors, psychologists and clinical social workers who are located throughout the United States and in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands. HBA maintains an “open panel” and will add qualified counselors to that panel at the request of employees, dependents or employer representatives.

When providing services to the employee or dependent, the primary role of the counselor is to provide assessment services. All counselors are state-licensed professionals with master’s or doctoral degrees and four or more years counseling experience. The average HBA counselor has 13.5 years experience. Counselors are selected based on their skill as diagnosticians, their knowledge of local treatment resources and their EAP experience. The objective of assessment counseling is to clearly identify the problem(s) and arrange for appropriate treatment

Employees and dependents can contact HBA through the toll-free (800) phone number twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. A live receptionist answers all calls. There is NO VOICE MAIL. Qualified intake counselors are always available to provide referral assistance and respond to crisis calls. Multi-lingual counselors and others with specialized training are available in most locations.

An HBA intake counselor follows up on every case. Clients are re-contacted within seven days of the referral to ensure the client was able to contact the assessment counselor or treatment resource.


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