Human Behavior Associates

     For Managers & Supervisors


HBA realizes the significance of skilled managers in the workplace. We also understand that managing employees is one of the most difficult job duties of supervisors. As your EAP, we are here to provide supervisors with the most up to date resources in managing your employees. These web pages contain tools to assist supervisors, managers, and human resource personnel in creating a better working environment, increasing productivity, and effectively managing employees.

In addition to these online resources, EAP consultants are available to consult with supervisors, managers, human resource personnel, union representatives and other appropriate representatives whenever an employee’s performance, conduct, attendance or behavior appears to be adversely affected by personal problems. The EAP is also a resource for trauma intervention, conflict mediation, organizational consultations and team building.

Specific Services for Client Employers

  • Consultation on the referral of an employee to professional resources when that employee’s personal issues have been apparent in the worksite.
  • Consultation to supervisors, managers, human resources personnel and union representatives when an employee’s performance, conduct, behavior or attendance has been adversely affected by personal problems.
  • Onsite or offsite intervention services for employees who have been subjected to a traumatic incident, e.g. robbery, assault, death of a co-worker, response to death or serious injury of a non-employee in the workplace, shooting incident, fire incident or other traumatic event.
  • Organizational consultation including conflict mediation, anger management, team building and related issues.
  • Evaluation, referral, and follow-up for employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol in the workplace or voluntarily request referral assistance.
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services for commercial drivers and safety sensitive employees.
  • Training services for EAP, SAP, wellness and work related topics and participation in health fairs and open enrollment meetings.

Services for the Organization

  • Employee and Supervisor Presentations Explaining the EAP and SAP Services
  • Health and Wellness Trainings on Specific Topics
  • Traumatic Response Services
  • Organizational Development Consultations
  • Conflict Mediation


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