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As the supervisor of employees who are subject to “reasonable suspicion”, “post-accident” and/or random drug and alcohol testing, you have certain, very specific responsibilities. It is critical that you understand and apply your employer’s Drug Free Workplace Policy, and, if you and your employees fall under the Federal Department of Transportation regulations, you must further understand your role in the DOT testing policy.

HBA provides training programs for supervisors of both DOT and non-DOT covered employees.

Pay close attention to your employee’s performance, conduct and attendance. These are critical when you are documenting a “reasonable suspicion” case. Always record your actual observations. Don’t editorialize or speculate about employees based on anything that is not observable and measurable. Consult with your supervisor and the Human Resource department.

If an employee poses an immediate safety risk, remove the employee from the potentially dangerous situation. Do not, if possible, allow an employee who appears to be under the influence, to drive away from the workplace.

If one of your employees has a positive drug or alcohol test, he or she will be referred to HBA for evaluation by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). The SAP will arrange for appropriate education and/or treatment for the employee. Following the completion of the treatment, the SAP will re-evaluate the employee to determine the employee’s suitability to return to their regular work assignments.

The most important goals of the SAP process are Public Safety and Safety in the Workplace.


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