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Human Behavior Associates has substantial experience in the evaluation, follow-up and reporting procedures for commercial drivers and employees who are referred to HBA based on an employer’s “Drug-Free Workplace Policy” or DOT regulations. The specific services available are:

  1. Evaluation of the employee by a federally qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).
  2. Referral of the employee to appropriate educational and treatment resources.
  3. Follow-up on referred employees to insure their timely completion and compliance with all referrals.
  4. Re-evaluation with regard to a return to driving or other “safety-sensitive” work when the referred employee completes all the assigned education and treatment.
  5. Written report letters, that comply with federal Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines filed within three business days of the initial and follow-up evaluation sessions.
  6. Guidance for the employer regarding continued education and treatment needs of the employee and follow-up testing.
  7. Policy development consultation and training for supervisors and employees in DOT requirements and Drug-Free Workplace Policies.

SAP Referral Procedure

To refer an employee for substance abuse professional services, call HBA (1-800-937-7770) or submit a completed Request for SAP Services Form via fax to (707) 747-6646.

The HBA intake counselor needs the employee’s name, address, social security number, telephone number, and test results (if applicable). We also need the name, mailing address and telephone number for the Designated Employer Representative (DER), and billing procedures for the case.


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